Good coffee knows no boundaries

With over 70 years experience in roasting the most select of coffee beans and a monthly operations amount of over 300 tonnes of coffee per month, Cothas Coffee has an unbeatable edge in delivering coffee to international markets- both in quantity and quality. Be it delivering lip-smacking roasted coffee, roasted and ground coffee, green coffee, or even creating customised blends that speak to the palate and culture of a geographical region, Cothas does it all.
A cutting edge coffee manufacturing facility developed in Europe, its own sophisticated in-house lab and USFDA certification all grant Cothas Coffee the ability to conquer international standards with tasteful ease.
Our international markets involve not just manufacturing in bulk, but retail too. Over the years, Cothas’ humble Speciality and Novatherm blends have grown to capture the hearts of coffee drinkers worldwide. The two signature blends are highly sought-after in the US, Singapore and Australia for their rich flavour and aroma.
We offer a range of premium consumer products for exports. Our newest product is Swansong Blues, a line of pour-over coffees made with premium roasted coffee beans and paired with harmonious flavours. 
We also offer a range of easy-pour decoction packs. Freshly made with select coffee beans handpicked from the best plantations, Cothas easy-pour decoction provides the authentic Cothas Filter Coffee experience with added convenience.
Because the experience of a good coffee, transcends boundaries.

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