Cothas Coffee & the Sustainability Coffee Movement


The global coffee industry faces a multitude of challenges, chief among them being climate change, fluctuating coffee prices, and maintaining coffee quality.

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Traditional Brass Filter

The traditional filter, but in a brass avatar. For those that find copper and coffee going well together.

Electric Filter

A coffee maker with its own internal heating element. Cold water is added into a chamber, where it is heated and moved through the machine into a brew basket containing the coffee powder. The decoction passes through a filter and is collected in the carafe. Equipped with a thermostat to prevent overheating.

Abid Drip Brewer

Most coffee brewing devices end up making coffee brewing a mess, in terms of temperature, brewing time and runniness. And literally. But the Abid drip brewer gives you complete control. Over temperature, brewing time and quantity. And eliminates sediment in the process. Place a filter paper into the Abid, moisten with hot water. Then place about 20g of coffee powder. Pour boiling water at 95 degrees C and allow to brew for three minutes. And then merely place over a cup to decant.

Moka Pot

Made of aluminum, this pot is meant to be placed over a flame or electric range. It’s like a pressure cooker for coffee, with a weighted valve acting as a pressure regulator. Faster than a regular pot, great for delivering coffee similar to an espresso.

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